From surviving the pandemic to thriving: A Singapore-based CX Start-up, Tetherfi, enables enterprises to transition to a remote working model; no compromises on security, compliance or collaboration.

When COVID-19 lockdowns forced millions to go virtual and work from home, contact centers were among the worst-hit. Enterprises suddenly needed to find ways to get their agents, supervisors and other business users to work from home. There was tremendous pressure on supervisors to monitor work-from-home agents to ensure maximum compliance and efficiency, remotely.

Making this turnaround required profound innovation, particularly creating a unique solution that enabled a work-from-home contact center model just within days. It also needed building robust security and compliance modules without compromising employee experience or privacy norms.

It required leadership in technology and on the field understanding of what customers, enterprises, and agents needed—the result: Tetherfi Work from Home (WFH) Solution.

Tetherfi developed a unique work from home solution using real-time camera vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The technology was so agile that enterprises could switch to remote working in just a few days using their existing infrastructure. It even allowed businesses to track, alert, reduce risk and improve collaboration without compromising on customer service during these unprecedented times.

“Tetherfi Work From Home Solution is a result of years of extensive research at our R&D lab in Singapore”, says Vineeth Nayak, Founder & CEO, Tetherfi. He adds, “The pandemic has turned into a catalyst for digital transformation in the contact center industry. It is no longer about simply surviving the pandemic; it’s about envisioning new business approaches and markets.”

Tetherfi wins Artificial Intelligence Award

Tetherfi has emerged the winner of the AI – Telecommunications category at this year’s SBR Technology Excellence Awards, recognizing its achievement in reimagining the post-COVID-19 return for contact centers. This award is a token of appreciation for streamlining remote work to improve business outcomes, operation efficiency, and employee experience.

Tetherfi’s Work From Home Solution is powered by TRS (Tetherfi Remote Security) technology. Some of the critical features include:

  • 2-Factor Face Authentication
  • Gadget & Eavesdropping Detection
  • Copy Paste Detection
  • Liveness & Absence Detection
  • Website Blocking
  • External Monitor Detection
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Employee Collaboration

With Tetherfi’s technology, agents and supervisors can work from their location of choice to create unified and proactive customer experiences. With AI and ML-led tracking and alerting integrated with the agent device camera, there is a level of security that’s unmatched compared to standard WFH setups.

Singapore’s Leading Enterprise Contact Centre Shifts 20% of Employees to Remote Work:
In April 2020, when the Singapore Government mandated the shutdown of all but essential services, the whole population was strongly encouraged to work from home. To ensure business continuity, one of Singapore’s leading companies partnered with Tetherfi to adapt and maintain the “new normal” of working from home in an efficient, secure and compliant manner.

Some of the key milestones achieved by the contact centres adapting Tetherfi solution include:

  • Transition to a WFH model in less than 10 days
  • Instantly shift 20% to 50% of employees to a remote working model
  • Zero footprint, minimal additional costs and zero overheads
  • No installation on agent desktop or supervisor consoles
  • Remote agent activation and supervision
  • Real-time actions and emotion detection with face authentication and gamification
  • Instant security authentication like alerting unauthorized screen peeps for compliance

About Tetherfi:

Tetherfi delivers rich-media, conversational, Multi-experience (MX) customer engagement for Sales and Service. Tetherfi Multi-Experience (MX) platform powered by Tetherfi SDK / API enables enterprises to chat, touch, video, audio, screen share & co-browse with their customers and prospects anywhere and on any device. All these combined interaction modalities within a single session to resolve issues seamlessly will be vital in providing a competitive & engaging customer experience (CX).

Tetherfi has 145+ employees (& growing) spread across its R & D centre – Tetherfi Labs and its other offices spread across Singapore (HQ), the USA, India, Srilanka and other South East Asia countries.

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