Tetherfi Multi-Experience Agent Console

TMAC (Tetherfi Multi-Experience Agent Console) is a unified agent desktop solution that funnels customer interactions from different touchpoints into to single view. What differentiates TMAC from others is the sheer simplicity & flexibility with which agent desktops can be personalized.

Product Overview

TMAC is an Agent/User thin-client application that allows contact center agents to handle customer interactions such as voice, chat, email, audio, video, social media, co-browse, and screen-share in a single user interface. It empowers agents/Users to interact with customers across multiple channels and the ability to complete the interaction efficiently and effectively. TMAC comes with pre-built integration for all leading telephony platforms, CRM, Social Media Channels and other critical contact center applications.


  • Easy to use GUI, No more screen toggling, Single source of truth, Guided scripts & templates, Faster & quicker resolutions, Lesser training needs, Reduced after call work
  • Low effort agent interactions, No need to repeat information, Faster single session resolutions, Personalised experience, Better and accurate answers, Shorter interaction duration, Hyper-personalized service
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction, Enhanced Agent Productivity, Reduced training requirements, Lower Agent Turn over, Real-time monitoring and reporting, Higher security and compliance, Reduced 3rd party dependency