“The new IVR has helped save 30% man hours on an average per day for the Contact Center”

Solution provides for a common platform for IVR based Self-Service application including Appointment Management, Clinic Hours, Insurance & Medical Claims, Promotion Campaigns etc. for the largest healthcare group in Singapore, offering a complete range of multi-disciplinary and integrated medical care through our network of 2 hospitals, 5 National Specialty Centres and 9 Polyclinics.

Challenges / Opportunities

  • Standalone & separate CC infrastructure of each Government owned Hospital / Specialty Clinic

  • Customer experience inconsistent across all hospitals and specialty Clinics

  • High infrastructure (capex) and Maintenance Cost (opex) when consolidated across government owned hospitals and specialty clinics

  • High cost of service, poor caller service (owing to the absence of self-service system)

  • Low agent morale handling disgruntled, frustrated customers and more call volume on standard inquiries

Benefits / Outcome

  • Consistency – With a unified call flow, callers that have appointments across different institutions will only need to get used to a common IVR to get the information they need

  • Efficiency – Allows for a single point of integration with OAS, eliminating the need for replication of similar efforts
  • Flexibility – Ease of modification of call flows via a single point, without affecting the operations of the individual call centers

  • Cost Effectiveness – Beefing up resiliency only needs to be done on a single system instead of multiple systems, resources can be shared in times when usage fluctuates

  • “Architecture can be extended to support self-service across multiple channels, integrate with core systems, clinical information to provide 360 degree view patient via unified agent desktop”

  • “The new architecture has helped lower the initial capital expenditure as well as reduced the opex requirement year on year basis”

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