Call Closure Rate (CCR)Last 12 months consistently performing at an avg.

Average Task completion Rate (TCR)

Improve Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Cost of Service of Malaysia’s FS Leader and one of World’s 10 strongest $100 billion assets banks.

Challenges / Opportunities

  • Existing IVR usage is low
  • Caller experience can be significantly improved
  • Offload agent assisted calls (transactions) that can be better handled by IVR

  • Design intelligent workflow considering call center statistics, customer profile, interaction history, predicted usage etc.
  • High cost of service, Poor customer experience (frustration in interactions), poor customer service (owing to low TCR, FACR)

  • Low agent morale handling disgruntled, frustrated customers

Benefits / Outcome

  • Last 12 months consistently performing at an avg. Call Closure Rate (CCR) = 57%

  • Last 12 months consistently performing at an avg. Call Closure Rate (CCR) = 57%

  • RM 5M savings/month due to IVR Closure’ assuming RM11/call & avg. 455K calls contained within IVR
  • Average Task completion Rate (TCR) = 90%

  • Average First Attempt Completion Rate (FACR) = 59%
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has increased from 8.85 to 20 (Feedback from callers about Avaya IVR captured in the Survey reports)

  • Improved customer experience, user friendliness & customer satisfaction helps customer retention, upgrade and acquisition while reducing cost of service, retention & acquisition.

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