Exceeds our target

The new IVR system has resulted in an amazing number of 72.05% Call Closure, which exceeds our target.

Consumer Banking Division in HQ of World’s 20th strongest bank & Malaysia’s FS Leader and one of World’s 10 strongest $100 billion assets banks.

Challenges / Opportunities

  • Existing IVR, the usage (CCR) was very low

  • Within IVR, no. of calls aborted translating to low TCR
  • Extremely high usage of agents when available (high traffic caused queuing or call drops)

  • High cost of service, Poor customer experience (frustration in interactions), poor customer service (owing to low TCR, FACR)
  • Low agent morale handling disgruntled, frustrated customers

Benefits / Outcome

  • 72% of calls received by IVR got completed (CCR=72%)

  • 57% transferred calls used Account & IC verification implying more customers would adopt self-service with OTP implementation
  • Provides levels of business agility, cost savings and knowledge quality that are essential to dealing with the exploding volumes of contacts across channels viz., Voice, SMS, Chat, Email and Social Media
  • Improved Utilization of CC Agents freeing them up for handling more complex requirements and/ or outbound campaigns

  • Using Voice recording & Speech Analytics for continuous improvement in both self-service & agent assisted services

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