Demand for banking without the hassles of a brick and mortar branch has been increasing over time. Customers as an imperative are looking for a service even at the remotest locations and on a 24x7x365 service model. Enterprise, on the other hand, is progressively focused on rapid expansion on a cost-optimized model.

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18 mins to 1

eKYC can address bank problems with data accuracy and time efficiency, and that its document verification and biometric selfie offering can reduce verification processes from 18 minutes to just 1.


Labour costs per transaction are 35-40% lower for the VTM than a traditional teller line.

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VTMs can complete 80% to 90% of the transactions that a traditional teller does today.

15-20 VTMs

In general, you can deploy 15-20 VTMs for the cost of 1 branch location.

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In-app customer engagement via Kiosk / VTM

Advanced Co-browse and Collaboration features

Click-to-Audio & Video Call

Recording – Voice, Text, Video for compliance and training purposes

Use Case

Tetherfi’s Video Teller Machines/Kiosk enables consumers to perform simple cash transactions or engage in deeper personalized banking activities with remote tellers.

Success Stories

Face-to-Face Banking after office hours

At the forefront of leveraging digital technology to shape the future of banking with Tetherfi’s WebRTC based Audio Video solution to power its Video Teller Machines that will offer round-the-clock face-to-face banking after hours.

Next-Gen Retail Experience with Unmanned Store

Largest mobile network operator in Singapore with over 4.1 million subscribers launches unmanned stores to provide round the clock sales and services to its customers using Tetherfi’s audio/ video and co-browse solutions.