Three disruptive trends are shaking up the banking industry and radically transforming how consumers interact with their banks

1 in 3

The rise of digital natives has led to disruptive changes. In fact, 1 out every 3 Millennial or Gen Z switch banks just for a better technology experience.


While it may appear almost everyone uses a bank account, over 50% in Asia and 25% in the US are either unbanked or underbanked.


consumers have changed the way they interact with their banks since COVID-19. 31% say they would continue to use more online and mobile banking in future.

Transcend Omni-Channel Thinking and Embrace Multi-Experience

To keep up with the digital natives and engage with disparate market segments, Gartner recommends that banks offer customers the option to interact across a variety of digital touch-points (be it web, mobile, or chatbot), using a combination of interaction modalities (touch, voice, vision and gesture)

The Tetherfi virtual banking platform enables forward-looking banks to embrace Multi- Experience and offer a seamless, consistent digital user journey. With Tetherfi, banks can

Acquire customers faster without the associated costs

Simplify processes and penetrate underbanked segments

Gamify the entire banking experience to better market to the Millennials and Gen Z

What does Tetherfi Virtual Banking Offer?


Video KYC

Paperless remote onboarding and instant compliance

Multi-Channel Assist

AI-Powered 24×7 multi-channel virtual customer support

Audio Video Chat

Live agent interaction with seamless channel integration

VTM Kiosks

Video-assisted branch-in-a-box for self-service

Give your customers the experience they desire

Faster customer acquisition and onboarding at lower costs

Bank the unbanked with a broader market reach

Simplify processes to penetrate underbanked segments

Gamify the banking experience for the Millennials and Gen Z

Offer everything in-app, resolve queries within the app

We can help you transcend omni-channel and offer multi-experience to your customers

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