Physically interacting with customers to inboard them can be an expensive and cumbersome process for banks. Even before the lockdowns swept the globe, they had trouble interacting with customers in remote areas due to connectivity problems. The need of the hour is a Video KYC through which banks can:

Be more financially inclusive by remotely onboarding “out of reach” customers

Deliver consistent user experiences despite network constraints

Create cost-efficient and convenient on-boarding process workflows

Unlock new Video KYC possibilities

With Tetherfi Video KYC, you can create cost-efficient and hassle-free onboarding journeys – without delays, discrepancies, or physical contact.

Web-based real-time communication technology

Integrated with operational workflows – standalone or contact center-specific

ML and AI-driven KYC processes

What Tetherfi Video KYC offers

Improved Collaboration

  • Co-browsing
  • Form filling
  • Annotations
  • Screen sharing
  • Screen control
  • Agent and customer pointer

Stronger Compliance

  • Audio and video recording (compress and encrypt)
  • Archival and retrieval
  • Geo location tracking
  • In-country compliance & regulations
  • Maker/checker


  • Video quality scoring
  • Skills and attribute-based routing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Gamification
  • Dashboards and unified reporting


  • Secure authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Biometrics – OCR and FCR

See how Tetherfi covers the whole nine yards of remote on-boarding

Helping you redefine on-boarding excellence

Feature-packed: Screen pop, signature block, watermarking, etc.

Tested across multiple browser versions/platforms

Multiple deployment options – cloud, on-premise or hybrid

Strict adherence to in-country onboarding regulations

Low-code, affordable, and cutting-edge

Significant cost savings

24X7 world-class support