Enterprises are effectively shifting or resolving their customer queries through virtual assistants and enterprise chatbots in order to enhance and gain control over the volume of contacts over analog system. While Voice Virtual Asistance has been around for ages, there is an increasing demand for text based virtual assist powered by rule-based or AI ML engines. Text based virtual assist are expected to be triggered from websites, mobile apps, social media and messaging apps providing true multichannel virtual assist experience.

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1.8 billion

Estimated number of people using digital assistants worldwide is projected to reach 1.8 billion by 2021.


of digital assistant users has agreed that digital personal assistants make their lives easier.

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said that virtual digital assistants are part of their everyday lives.


GUI based, drag & drop based Interaction Workflow configurator

Interaction Workflow simulation for Voice Channel

Multiple authentication methods – SVQ, TPIN, OTP and Voice Biometrics

Supports Maker / Checker, Scheduling, Roll-back, Version Control, Multiple Languages, Call-Back offer, Transfer to Agent features

Identical capabilities of IVR in Chat self-service

Initiating self-service from PSTN Voice, mobile app, website and messaging app

Use Case

Powered by Tetherfi’s Interaction Workflow Engine, our Directed Dialogue and NLP-based multi-channel virtual assist solution provides a conversational customer care experience.

Success Stories

Deflect to Digital - Legacy to digital communication

Singapore’s largest financial institution leveraging on Tetherfi’s call deflect solution to reduce call costs, TCO, call load on IVR, wait times on IVR & provide customers with option to deflect the IVR voice call to digital Chatbot with virtual self-assist service.

Deploying New Modular IVR

Largest mobile network operator in Singapore with over 4.1 million subscribers wanted to implement a modular IVR system that would help them save on significant spend per year to make IVR call flow changes.