Globally, customer heavy industries are worrying about client on-boarding that includes a tedious and time consuming process leading to poor customer experience. Coupled with this is the concerns of costing and margins among financial service companies, gaming, and healthcare industries, has pushed regulatory bodies to open to “Digital On-boarding.”

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Banking penetration remains low in Asia with 73% of SE and 58% of South Asia remaining unbanked.


of customers drop out of the onboarding process because of frustration with paper or the volume of information required.

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More than 25% of potential online gambling customers abandoned their account opening processes because they were too lengthy or complex.


of customers expect to use messaging apps to speak to businesses.

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Chatbots Magazine


In-app customer engagement via customer mobile app, website and messaging apps

Click-to-Call (webRTC)

Advanced Co-browse and Collaboration features

Recording – Voice, Text, Video for compliance and training purposes


Promote to Video call

Interactions via Social Media & Messaging apps

Use Case

Tetherfi’s Mobile (Text Audio Video SDK/API) is a mobile-first solution for highly secure communication for digital KYC/Onboarding using Chat and webRTC based Chat, Audio-Video with Co-browse solution.

Success Stories

Digibank India click-to-chat and call back

Tetherfi’s in-app customer engagement solutions is transforming Singapore’s leading financial services group operating across 18 markets to go digital and grow branchless in Asia.

App-Only and Digital First Approach for Branchless Growth

Singapore’s largest financial institution launching app-only bank to cater for the massive and increasing rate of mobile-first millennial consumers in South East Asia.