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Tetherfi OCM Self Service

Making Every Interaction Count

Tetherfi IVR

Tetherfi Visual IVR

Tetherfi Virtual Agent (or Assistant) for Alternate Channels

Tetherfi Configuration Management Module

Tetherfi Business Layer

Tetherfi Voice Biometric Authentication

Tetherfi Authentication Integration

Tetherfi CRM Integration

Tetherfi Reporting & Dashboard

Tetherfi Call Back

Tetherfi Dialer


Tetherfi OCM Self-Service is an integrated suite of products that enables Self Service Interactions 24×7, across multiple channels with secure identification & verification methods integrated with existing voice infrastructure, CRM & core back end applications.

Unique Capabilities

Manual Tasks to Self-Service Functions

VXML based applications automating manual tasks into self-service functions for channels viz., Voice, SMS, Mobile Application, Chat, Email and Social Media.

Pre-built Self-Service Functionalities

Pre-built self-service functionalities like balance, incoming funds, recent transactions, Funds Transfer, Bill Payment, request statement, Cheque Inquiry, Stop Cheque, ATM/Branch locator, Customer Survey, Card Balance, Redemption, Fee Waiver, Card Activation, card & loan status, etc.

Consistent Experience Across All Channels

All applications are built on a “Framework Driven” architecture to achieve dynamism and personalization into the self-service thereby enhancing customer experience. Consistent experience across all channels. Different only @presentation layer.

Reuses Existing

Reuses existing CC infrastructure with lot of scalable features – avoids duplication of efforts and investments

Dynamic Re-Configuration

Can handle dynamic re-configuration requirements

Agile Development & Implementation

Agile development and implementation capability due to reusability of components such as authentication, account selection across channels

Secure Transactions

Prevents fraud, enable secure transactions using multi-factor authentication TPIN, SMS OTP, Voice Biometrics


Improved Customer Service

Reduced Cost

Reduced Time to Market

Core products of Tetherfi OCM Self-Service Solutions are:

TIVR – Tetherfi IVR – Touch Tone (DTMF) & Speech, Voice Self-Service
Tetherfi Interactive Voice Response supports DTMF, Text Dependent and Text Independent Speech responses. Call flows can be dynamically configured reducing time-to-market for new or updates to call flows as well as A/B testing possible to continuously monitor, measure, Analyze and make frequent changes to increase adoption
TVIVR leverages the configurator (TCMM) to set-up the interaction workflow & Business Layer (TBL@Banking) to enable over 65+ type banking interactionsRequest for DemoContact Us!
TVIVR- Tetherfi Visual IVR – Touch Tone (DTMF), Touch Screen & Speech Voice Self-ServiceTetherfi Visual IVR combines IVR, Voice Biometrics (optional instead TPIN, OTP etc. customer authentication methods can be used) & Mobile application self-service application functionalities into one application using the Smartphone. Supports all capabilities of IVR with additional capability of having a visual representation of the IVR responses e.g. Listing Menu Options to select or Listing last 5 transactions. Easier to navigate, reduces response times & helps close call sooner than later
TVIVR leverages the same configurator (TCMM) used by IVR to set-up the interaction workflows as well as same Business Layer (TBL@Banking) to enable over 65+ type banking interactions.Request for DemoContact Us!
TVA@Channel – Tetherfi Virtual Agent (or Assistant) for Alternate ChannelsTetherfi Virtual Agent (or Assistant) is designed to simulate IVR type experience except that instead of Voice, Touch Tone or Touch Screen, the primary channel is TEXT channel. The Text channels supported are SMS, Email, IM (e.g. Whatsapp) & Social Media – Private Messaging.  Channels can be enabled per the road map of the Omni channel program whether sequential, in cluster or big bang all at once.
TVA@Channel leverages the same configurator (TCMM) used by IVR to set-up the interaction workflows as well as same Business Layer (TBL@Banking) to enable over 65+ type banking interactionsRequest for DemoContact Us!
TCMM – Tetherfi Configuration Management ModuleTCMM is one of the key components that enable Omni Channel self-service interaction. With TCMM, its easy to design Interaction Workflows with ZERO programming not just for Voice but across all channels including SMS, Email, IM, Social Media and Web Chat. TCMM helps enable Omni Channel Self-Service enablement, whether sequential by channel or in cluster or all together
TCMM leverages pre-recorded audio & video messages, Text, Speech Intent to response mapping, business layer etc. to help configure an interaction (or dialog) that is delivered by IVR, Visual IVR and Virtual Agent for SMS, Email, IM, Web Chat, Social Media- private messaging channels.TCMM also helps to create & manage outbound campaigns for Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Collections & Research. Other uses include Branch Location mapping, Holiday table etc.Request for DemoContact Us!
TBL@Vertical – Tetherfi Business Layer by Industry VerticalTBL@Vertical is Self-Service & Agent Assisted Business Layer that encapsulates all possible interactions, transactions for a particular industry/ vertical. In case of Banking, we have 65+ such modules encapsulated in the Business Layer that can be enabled selectively across multiple channels. Benefits are multi-fold as there is a single point of reference for all types of interactions reducing time-to-market for changes & or new transaction deployment across multiple channels, consistent outcome & lower cost of maintenance.
Other Industry Verticals supported are Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Telecom, Travel & more.Request for DemoContact Us!
TVBA – Tetherfi Voice Biometric AuthenticationVoice Biometrics verification is the process of comparing a voice sample with a stored, digital voice model, or voiceprint, for the purpose of verifying identity. A voiceprint is a digital representation of some of the unique characteristics of a caller’s voice, including physiological characteristics of the nasal passages and vocal chords, as well as the frequency, cadence and duration of the vocal pattern.
Tetherfi Voice Biometric Authentication application leverages Nuance or A*Start (Singapore) engine. TVBA performs 2 main functions – one of capturing the digital voiceprint of the customer (Voice signature) and other is to help authenticate the customer comparing the stored digital voiceprint with the caller’s voice. It supports 3 types of verification process namely; Text-Dependent, Text-Independent & Prompted-Text.Request for DemoContact Us!
TAUTH@Method – Tetherfi Authentication via TPIN, OTP, Voice Biometric methodsTetherfi Authentication integration application supports all types of authentication methods integrated with appropriate authentication server in the back end ensuring reliable & secure interaction between customer & its service provider e.g. Bank.TAUTH is encapsulated within TCMM and depending on the Customer Intent (captured via DTMF, Touch Screen, Voice etc.) appropriate authentication process is initiated across the Channel of interaction. When interacting with an Agent, the agent manually initiates the authentication process depending on the intent of the interaction.
In order to authenticate a customer, different authentication methods are applied including static password or TPIN entered using DTMF phones & compared against the customer’s record by the backend systems, One time password sent generated by backend authentication server to customer via text messages and Voice Biometric Authentication that involves comparing the Caller’s Voice (Text dependent & independent, Prompted Text) with stored Digital Voice Print on VBA server.Request for DemoContact Us!
TRAD – Tetherfi Reporting & DashboardTetherfi TRAD leverages Avaya CMS & IQ to enable client specific real-time & historical reporting & dashboard solution. The solution includes agent, workgroup, routing points, contact/ call/ interaction status, performance, trace real-time reports & dashboards as well as historical correlation,  measure tracking, performance management reports & dashboards. Reporting supports interactions across all channels incl. self-service and agent assisted via Voice, SMS, Email, Fax, Social Chat, IM, Web Video, Web Audio & Web Chat. It includes audit trail for changes done to interaction workflow, skills mapping, intent mapping, and goals etc. parameters that impact the reporting & dashboard.Request for DemoContact Us!
TCallBack – Tetherfi Call BackCustomers can be offered call back option while waiting in queue to be serviced by agent. These call back requests can be stored in database and the dialer application will dial the records to the agent who is available with the call back skills. And once the agent gets the preview of the callback, the application dials out to the customer and connects to the agent.Request for DemoContact Us!
TDIALER – Tetherfi Preview, Predictive & Progressive DialerTDIALER supports Preview, Progressive & Predictive dialing capabilities commonly required in executing different variations of Outbound Campaigns. The dialer is used for executing Outbound Campaigns focused on Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Collections & Research. The Dialer helps to optimize agent time, increase operational productivity & help increase number of customer connects to the IVR or Live Agents.Request for DemoContact Us!

Case Studies

Deploying New IVR

Consumer Banking Division in HQ of World’s 20th strongest bank & Malaysia’s FS Leader


The new IVR has improved the Call Closure Rate (CCR) compared to the old IVR, there is a jump of 20% in terms of CCR

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Contact Centre Optimization

Consumer Banking Division in Singapore of World’s 20th strongest bank & Malaysia’s FS Leader


Technical Architecture improvements followed by deployment of Intelligent applications from Interlink integrated with AVP, AIC & HA helped the Bank match Industry benchmark KPIs

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Deploying New IVR

Singapore’s 2nd largest bank & number one of world’s 10 strongest $100 billion assets banks


The new IVR system has resulted in an amazing number of 72.05% Call Closure, which exceeds our target

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