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Industry Verticals
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Industry Verticals

Service Providers are struggling to retain customers while providing better customer service and reducing operational costs.


Service Providers are struggling to retain customers while providing better customer service and reducing operational costs. All of this is compounded by demands around greater regulation.

Omni Channel Interaction 24x7


Customers expecting Unified, Fast, Secure, Seamless, Secure, Cost Competitive, interaction 24×7 & across channels of their choice with their Service Providers.

Unique Business Model


Competition from new players with unique business models & value propositions a.k.a. online Service Providers, payment solutions providers, marketplace lenders etc.

Cost to Serve


Cost to serve adversely impacted owing to branch centric customer service, silo banking by LOB, significant agent-assisted service & disparate contact center infrastructures & operating models.

Tetherfi Response

Working in close co-ordination with its customers (Service Providers) & Avaya, as their DevConnect Technology partner, Tetherfi has conceptualized, designed & developed Tetherfi Omni Channel Management solutions.

Tetherfi OCM solutions enables Omni Channel Service, Sales & Marketing, Collections, & Research with secure identification & verification methods as applicable (via TPIN, OTP, Voice Biometrics) any time, any place, any channel (Voice, Alternate & Digital Channels) leveraging existing voice (Telephony Channel) infrastructure & integrated with core backend applications & CRM.

Tetherfi OCM solutions

Tetherfi OCM solutions is built on Tetherfi OCM platform, an integrated suite of products, that can be configured and deployed to meet requirements of:

Today’s customers expect to interact with Service Providers 24×7 & via traditional, alternate and digital channels. These expectations are triggered by the fact there is significant proliferation of smartphone adoption, availability of fast data networks & mobility of the customers themselves in today’s environment. On the other hand, Service Providers need to continuously improve their services, introduce newer channels while balancing reduction of human intervention where feasible.
TOCM Self-Service Platform offers functionalities that can be enabled to provide self-service to Service Providers customers across multiple channels. The enablement ensures that a consistent and unified service is presented to customers. Service Providers have the flexibility to do a staged roll-out (enablement) of self-service across channels incl. IVR, SMS, Email, Web Chat, Web Audio, Visual IVR ensuring secure interaction integrating with Service Providers chosen authentication methods incl. TPIN, OTP and Voice Biometrics.Read moreRequest for DemoContact Us!
Agent Assisted ServiceWhile Service Providers seemingly are meeting their customers expectations enabling newer channels however if the agents in contact centers are unable to improve the experience or worse negatively impacts the experience then there could be big price to pay incl. loosing customers put aside acquiring new ones. Key here is ‘agent empowerment’. Agents need to have at their disposal solutions that further enrich customer’s experience interacting with the Service Providers.
Tetherfi Multil-Media Agent client (TMAC) is conceptualized, designed, developed and deployed with the very intent of empowering agents to interact with Service Providers customers across multiple channels, have 360 degree view of authenticated customer & ability to complete the interaction efficiently and effectively creating a positive impact on customer service & cost center performance indicators.We have developed TMAC keeping in view user interface requirements to handle multimedia interactions & reporting. TMAC gives agents the tool they need to serve customers in an Omni Channel world including Voice, SMS, Email, Web Chat, Social Media Web Audio & Video with Co-browsing & Social Media. It is a browser based (thin-client) application that provides all features & functionalities required for the contact handling and present all the required information in a precise/usable way to the staff. The desktop is fully scalable to fulfill the functionalities of Lite CRM software and at the same time can also leverage on existing CRM software if any exist.Read moreRequest a DemoContact Us!
Outbound Campaigns – Sales, Marketing & Collections, Research SurveysService Providers can leverage their Agents, Telephony, IVR integration, SMS Channel, Progressive and Predictive Dialer to run outbound campaigns for up-selling, cross-selling, promoting products & services to their existing and or target customers. Same infrastructure can also be leveraged to run collection campaigns – say for overdue credit card payments and IVR experience campaigns across existing client base via Voice and or SMS channels.
Tetherfi Add-on Packages allow multiple use cases, some of which are already in use by Service Providers however new campaigns can be easily configured per the needs of the Service Providers.Read moreRequest for DemoContact Us!
Branch Queue ManagementIt is not uncommon to notice customer’s waiting for Branch CSR to service them. At times during peak hours, holidays the situation gets worsened, as there is not enough room to wait leading to disappointment with Service Providers service.
Tetherfi BQM is designed to reduce the frustration of Service Providers customers waiting in the Queue and manage the customer time & experience effectively. Leveraging Kiosks, Tablet, Smartphones app, Customers get queue number while in Service Provider or away from it and arrive at the Service Provider only when being notified via customer chosen channel whether IVR, SMS or Email. The BQM is designed to optimize Queue management using existing CC infrastructure incl. Routing, Self-service Channels incl. IVR, SMS, Email, WFM, Call-recording, Reporting & Analytics.Tetherfi BQM also reduces the need for expensive real estate consumed by the customer’s in waiting. Customers can be notified to reach Service Provider just in time for them to be serviced.Contact Us!


Top Line – Retain Customers, Add-new customers, IncreaseTransactionVolumes & Value

Bottom Line – CC Agent Optimisation, CC Infrastructure Optimisation, Branch Optimisation, Cost of new Customer acquisition, Manpower acquisition

Brand Loyalty, Attractiveness – Customer Satisfaction, Agent Satisfaction

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