With social distancing becoming a norm, there is pressure on contact centers to remotely monitor and manage customer journeys – with maximum efficiency and compliance.


of businesses are likely to Increase WFH capacity post-pandemic


of WFH workforce did not receive any specific security awareness


of millennials prefer to work from office rather than home

Tetherfi WFH empowers your agents and supervisors
to work from their location of choice while
ensuring the highest compliance monitoring standards

What Tetherfi WFH offers

Tetherfi 2-Factor Authentication

Continuous authentication of
remote resources using liveness
detection, voice authentication
and facial biometrics

Tetherfi Agent Console

Use your existing telephony
Infrastructure and route the
audio calls to the web agent
desktop. It is browser-based,
no installation
is required
on the agent device.

Tetherfi Employee Collaboration

Improve collaboration between
supervisors and agents with
embedded chat, conference, and
training capabilities.

Tetherfi Gesture Recognition

Real-time emotion detection
tool to assess the agent
wellbeing. You can use this tool
to keep a check your Agent
Happiness Index.

Tetherfi Supervisor Console

Automate supervision to
remotely manage, monitor
And interact with agents.
Change Agent state, view live
interactions, track geolocation
and monitor application
usage in real-time.

How does Tetherfi WFH work?

Seamlessly transition to a fully remote working model in just a few days,

with end-to-end security and compliance, with zero compromises.

Unprecedented level of collaboration and security

Get cutting-edge WFH suite, with AI and ML-led tracking and alerting technology

integrated with the agent device camera.


Leverage existing infrastructure, with minimum footprint

Overcome inconsistent bandwidth issues in remote locations

Ensure full security, compliance, and policy adherence

Proactively address health and wellness concerns of the workforce

Agents and supervisors

Accelerate productivity with instant messaging & collaboration

Detect violation before
potential data breaches

Set protocols to monitor, intervene, or take over live interactions

Gesture recognition to track Agent Happiness Index


Build a single source of customer truth, from multiple channels

Get a bird’s eye view on customers for better decision-making

Create truly omni-channel experiences that are consistent and intuitive

Trigger real-time opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make it work

With zero installation required on agent desktops or supervisor consoles,

simply follow three easy browser-based steps to go live.

Stay on top of your WFH goals

Use existing infrastructure, with minimum footprint

Overcome poor bandwidth issues in remote locations

Track Agent Happiness Index, with gesture recognition

Catch potential data breaches before they happen

Build a single source of customer truth

How can you create a compliant and secure work-from-home experience in your contact center?

Sheila McGee Smith

Founder & principal analyst
McGee-Smith Analytics

Create seamless contact center journeys for agents, supervisors, and other users