HNI consumers now look forward to different imperatives of engagement with their primary relationship managers, the basis of which primarily rely on being Digital. These imperatives include a secured and single platform for communication and collaboration with requisite compliance and confidentiality requirements; an enriching Rich media interaction – Voice, Text, Video and last but not the least a demand for any time, any place, any device communication, and collaboration.

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of HNW clients over the age of 40 declare they could leave their private bank “if an integrated and seamless channel is not provided. Clients are seeking hybrid advice and multiple solutions to communicate with their bank”.


Ultra HNW Individuals are no less concerned with 55% of them expect a “Phygital” relationship involving digital as well as physical interaction with their private banker.

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More than 80% of customers are willing to use digital and remote contact channels”, including video chat to interact with insurers.


Single communication platform supporting Chat, webRTC based voice and video call

Recording all interactions with playback capabilities – Voice, Text and Video

Advanced collaboration features including Co-browse, Annotations, Form Filling, Signature, File sharing & Voice notes


Use Case

Tetherfi’s Collaboration Workspace is a collaboration solution for highly secure communication that meets compliance requirements for workflows in the financial and other services industry.