Agents are under constant pressure to resolve customer issues instantly, within a single session. To respond at the speed of now, agents need:

Single View

A single view of the customer and their customer journey


The ease in handling multi-channel interactions within the agent desktop


Instant access to contextual and comprehensive customer insights


A widget-based agent desktop that reduces average handle time (AHT) and increases first-contact resolutions (FCR)

Tetherfi Multimedia Agent Console (TMAC) is a unified agent desktop solution that funnels customer interactions from different touchpoints into to single view. TMAC comes with pre-built integration for leading telephony platforms, CRM, Social Media Channels and other critical contact center applications. With TMAC, you can

Ensure agents have unified access to all the right information

Auto-configure agent desktops with contextual widgets

Build custom widgets effortlessly using the desktop designer

Effortlessly customise the desktop both at an agent and enterprise level

A Single Source of Truth To Enable Faster and Single Session Resolutions

TMAC ensures agents have access to the right information without having to switch application and windows. It auto-configures the agent desktop with contextual widgets and enables faster single session resolutions.

Inbuilt call, chat, email, video & social interaction control

Pre-built scripts for faster response

Desktop designer for custom widgets

Instant collaboration and conference

Supervisor controls such as agent view, coaching, silent Monitoring & barge-in

Customisable themes & preferences

Customer Journey & Sentiment tracking

How Does TMAC Work?

Boost Agent Performance. Drive Quicker Single-Session Resolutions.


for the Agent

Easy to use GUI

No more screen toggling

Single source of truth

Guided scripts & templates

Faster & quicker resolutions

Reduced after call work

for the Customer

Low effort agent interactions

No need to repeat information

Faster, single session resolutions

Personalised experience

Better and accurate answers

Shorter interaction duration

Hyper-personalized service

for the Enterprise

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced Agent Productivity

Reduced training requirements

Lower Agent Turn over

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Higher security & compliance

Reduced 3rd party dependence

Give your agents the super power: a unified desktop