Innovation Services - tetherfi
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Innovation Services

Market Focus + Problem Solving Skills + Creativity = Innovations

Innovate to meet & exceed customer expectations

Innovate to help customers meet their transformation agenda

Innovate to enable industry best practices

Innovate to help customers realize operational & financial improvement measures

Innovate to increase value of Avaya & Tetherfi in the market place

Innovate to keep associate, employees excited to be part of Tetherfi


While working with Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Travel, Telecom verticals, we realized that there are very specific nuances, requirements, needs of customers that at times cannot be met by standard products and solutions.


Adopting the old custom development approach may mean:

  • Long time to market – first time & for every change
  • Non-standard solution requiring dedicated maintenance resources
  • Potential challenges to upgrade
  • Higher TCO
  • Etc.


A new approach is needed that while takes into consideration the market needs but also ensures that IT benefits are not compromised.


Tetherfi Innovation Services

Tetherfi has always been in front of the customers listening to such needs & then combining our breadth and depth of knowledge and experiences in architecture, developing & deploying CC solutions cross-industry, we have developed number of re-usable components that allow us to dynamically configure a customer centric solution leveraging our partner CC infrastructure, customer’s existing CRM & core back end applications.


Our re-usable components include:

Content Management Module

Self Service Business Layer

Web Application Server

Text Processing Platform

MAPI & POP Email Server

Flash Media Gateway

Fax Server

Speech Recognition Engine

Voice Biometrics Authentication

Tetherfi Multi-Media Agent Client

Creating ‘WOW’ effect for our customers

Tetherfi’s innovation services help deliver customer centric solution as if it was a standard solution ensuring upgrades, changes, maintenance, TCO etc. requirements are not compromised. Some of the benefits we have delivered till-date:

Unified, consistent Customer Experience

Leading edge technology

Improves productivity

Improves agent work experience

Improves efficiencies

Enables growth

Helps reduce cost & Improve Profitability

Keen to know more?

We will be happy to tell you more about Innovation Services.