Company Overview - tetherfi
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Company Overview

Tetherfi Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore since 2009 having HQ in Singapore, Global Development & Support Centers in Mangalore & Bangalore, India. Tetherfi works with customers in ASEAN, Australia, India, Greater China & USA.


Tetherfi products and solutions are built working closely with our customers in Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Travel, Transportation, Logistics, Media, BPO, Telecom, Stock Exchange & Government.


Our key product portfolio includes :


Tetherfi Digital OCM platform – It helps transforms a voice-only inbound and outbound contact center into digital contact center.  It is a single integrated platform that enables unified, consistent, personalized, secure & dynamic virtual (self) and agent assisted interactions any time, any place, any channel & via any device.


Tetherfi Digital Collaboration platform  – It can be embedded into any application in wealth management, private banking, insurance allowing its users to communicate and collaborate any time, any place, any channel & via any device.


Tetherfi webRTC based Audio Video platform – It powers Virtual Teller Machines or Kiosks blending with existing sales & support CC & thereby helping realise branch consolidation/ reduction goals & objectives.


Tetherfi Dyaminc Interaction Workflow Engine – It provides structured multi-channel BOT including Voice, Chat enabling signficant number of straight through processing reducing expensive voice interactions.


Tetherfi working closely with their startegic partners has helped its customers (Top Tier companies in their respective industry verticals) with their Contact Center &  Customer Experience Digital Transformaiton initiatives.


Please reach out to us to learn more about our customer success stories and likewise how you can leverage us for your own digital journney.