Our Marquee Customers

In-app 'Digital First' Customer Enagement Platform

Everything from Sales to Service

Integrating Tetherfi’s in-app customer engagement platform components with the Tetherfi SDK / API, your customers can.

  • Initiate voice, chat, and video conversations through branded mobile apps, popular messaging platforms and corporate websites

  • Start off conversations as self-service—assisted by industry leading chat bots or Tetherfi’ s multi-channel virtual assist—and then seamlessly connect to a live agent

Our modular architecture simplifies and enriches the digital customer journey cost-efficiently & agility. Our platform delivers a consistent user experience and interface across on-premise, hosted, hybrid and pure-cloud deployments

Platform Advantage

We combine industry expertise, technological capabilities and human-centered approach
to help businesses evolve from thinking digital to being digital


Mobile & Digital First

Audio, video & collaboration via WebRTC and mobile & web real-time communication via SDK


Build once, Use Everywhere

Consistent UX across on-premise, hosted, cloud, and hybrid deployments



Deflects customer engagements to digital with single tech stack that leverages existing infrastructure



3600 digital customer journey across channels, administration, reporting, logging, agent desktop, etc


Modular Plug and Play

Build and deploy per your digital transformation road-map


Co-Exist with Legacy Systems

Works with Avaya, Cisco or any ACD infrastructure with no ‘Rip & Replace’


In-App Communication

Embeds communication within any mobile, web, or social app


Marque Customers

Referenceable customers in a variety of industries

Tetherfi Solutions

With over a decade of experience and innovation as the key driving force, we create intelligent solutions that drives business and increases productivity

Mobile-first, highly-secure chat, WebRTC audio, video, co-browsing communications and collaboration

Digital Transformation of existing and traditional Contact Center

Audio and Video collaboration via Virtual Teller Machines / kiosk / unmanned store for everything from sales to service

Directed dialogue and NLP-based Virtual Assist via voice and chat channels


Highly secure collaborative communication that meets financial services workflow compliance requirements

Industry we serve


With digital being the focal point of customer experience, banking needs to be present at “any” location, time, and channel while blending seamlessly in customers’ lifecycle.


With telecom players transforming customer life cycle, the incumbents need to provide communication customers with multiple virtual channels along with a secured and personalised omni channel communication.


Hospitality players are focusing on developing programs aimed at delivering the highest levels of connected customers’ experience, accompanied by newer and innovative models of operation.


Governmental bodies are increasingly looking forward to incorporating “Digital to the core” by using the abundant available data, connectivity and analysis capabilities aided by computing to effectively transform the way services and governance is offered to citizens.

We have clients in Healthcare, Logistics, Transportation, Travel, Utilities, Manufacturing, BPO, etc., For your specific requirements please

Success Stories

Digibank India click-to-chat
and call back

Tetherfi’s in-app customer engagement solutions is transforming Singapore’s leading financial services group operating across 18 markets to go digital and grow branchless in Asia.

App-Only and Digital First Approach for Branchless Growth

Singapore’s largest financial institution launching app-only bank to cater for the massive and increasing rate of mobile-first millennial consumers in South East Asia.

Deploying New Modular

Largest mobile network operator in Singapore with over 4.1 million subscribers wanted to implement a modular IVR system that would help them save on significant spend per year to make IVR call flow changes.

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Recipient of “2019 Asia-Pacific Customer Contact Enabling Technology Leadership Award” By Frost & Sullivan

Tetherfi was evaluated by Frost & Sullivan analysts independently, elucidating the following key benchmarking criteria: 1. Commitment to Innovation 2. Commitment to Creativity and 3. Commercialization Success.

White Papers

Virtual Banking, Delivering the Promise

Virtual banks or banks without branches / limited branches have existed in several countries earlier in many forms. What then, is this fuzz about Virtual Banking?